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Welcome! This site is dedicated to give ministers, rabbis, priests, pastors and other members to find all the necessary information to perform customized wedding ceremonies and also other tips related to the wedding planning.

BarbaraThis site previously existed to provide relevant information about clergy and those available to minister to persons at important times in their lives. We works with ministers/clergy of all faiths to ensure a professional and compassionate ministry. Although the focus of aministry.net is on ordained members of the clergy, our membership is also open to others qualified to provide wedding services.

We serve as a forum where clergy and other professionals can share ceremony resources to help develop customized and personalized celebrations of faith. Clergy/ministers and other officiates have access to many different types of ceremonies, vows, readings and other resources necessary to customize wedding ceremonies for couples through our exclusive Ceremony Builder, located in the members area.

NaplewedWe recognizes that many people, for a variety of reasons, may not have contact with someone who can assist with significant occasions whether it be officiating at a wedding or presiding at a memorial service for a loved one and we want them to be assured that those listed on this site are there to assist them in a professional, kind, and loving manner. All members on this site have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics to ensure the highest level of integrity.

aministry.net is dedicated to establishing “Wedding Ministry” as a legitimate and recognized ministry, just as counseling, music, family, youth and couples ministries have grown and become accepted as legitimate and often stand alone ministries in recent years. Providing wedding services is also a great way for full time clergy members to supplement their regular salary by providing brides and grooms with a resource to have a faith based wedding ceremony. These opportunities to reach out and perhaps even expand your congregational membership can be one of the best ways to succeed in building community bonds with those who are seeking a home church.

prayerToday, aministry.net specializes in providing info and guidance about wedding ceremonies, products and wedding resources that support and strengthen marriage and family relationships and to assist others in times of peace, happiness and joy as well as when trials and tribulations enter our lives.

Note: Wedding planning tips and guidance are free as shown in this site. But the detail about “Wedding Ministry” only available to paid members. Please join in here to view the detail.

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